frequently asked question (FAQ)

What is Jojonomic?

Jojonomic is a mobile, cloud-based software solution for employee expense reimbursement. Employees’ lives can now be made much easier! Rather than saving paper receipts (BORING), they can snap photos of those receipts with the Jojonomic mobile app (FUN), and with a couple quick clicks send the information instantly to the company!

What does the company do with the receipt information sent by the employees?

The next step in the process is approval. The designated approver at the company sees the full details of the transaction and says Yes or No. If Yes, the transaction goes to the Finance team where all data is aggregated in our proprietary cloud-based desktop dashboard. The Finance team has many capabilities, such as setting auto-limit budgets, viewing analytics, generating reports, and disbursing funds.

What kind of phone do my employees need to have?

We support Android OS 4.1 or higher (Jellybean) and iPhone 4 and newer (iOS 7.1 and up).

Can you reimburse claims from computer?

Yes, employees also have desktop login, and can easily attach files to submit for reimbursement.

What if a manager needs to approve claims, how does that work?

We can customize the approval flow based on a company’s needs. Approval can be done by one manager, multiple managers, in a linear flow such as division manager – regional manager – director, or choice method, such as – approval by one of 3 Directors is sufficient. Manager approval can be done by mobile phone in the app or at desktop login.

Sometimes my employees need the money up-front, before they buy something, such as for business travel, how would that work?

Jojonomic has what we call “Cash Advance” feature. From the Employees’ Jojonomic app, he or she can request an amount of money, with a simple interface to enter travel dates and reason for travel. Such a request is sent to the appropriate Approval Manager, then the Finance team which disburses the money to the Employee. Specific to that business trip, all transaction receipts can easily be marked against that “Cash Advance”, by capturing photos of receipts and selecting an indicator button on the entry screen. Each transaction amount automatically deducts from the budget, making the post trip report simple as it is generated automatically by Jojonomic.

Where is the data stored?

Jojonomic stores all of the company’s reimbursement data in the cloud. We subscribe to only the most reputable cloud service providers globally. The information is only accessible to those granted access.

What is Cloud?

Cloud storage means that your company does not need to use memory to save files. The information is saved permanently online and can always be accessed with an internet connection.

I own a small business; will Jojonomic be too expensive for me?

We price our product based on the number of users, so businesses large and small can afford Jojonomic!

I work at a large corporation, our processes are very complicated, can we still use Jojonomic?

Jojonomic has successfully worked with large organizations that have sophisticated workflow requirements. Our operational consultants will have a discussion with the key stakeholders from your company to ensure the best solution.

Our accounting team uses Accounting Software; can your system integrate into this?

Yes, we have an ever increasing list of software with which we seamlessly integrate. Just let us know what you are using!